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12 Most Authentic Indian Food Recipes to Prepare on Your Own
Ghugni Chaat

You must have heard about the famous Indian food, which has so many different kinds of recipes that you can try and make on your own. One thing is sure, these types of originally Indian street foods are so popular because they are too delicious and spicy. The reason why we have decided to create…

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14 Potato Recipes That are Sinfully Tasty yet Easy to Make
Mashed Potato Puffs

The potatoes are an amazingly delicious kind of vegetable that most of us really love. These really interesting small and round foods, which you can grow if you want, are something that goes with almost every other type of savory food. Therefore, there are thousands of different potato recipes that people around the world invented…

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Precious Valentine’s Day Food List: 17 Loveable Recipes for a Special Celebration
Bakewell Biscuits

It’s up to you if your Valentine’s Day celebration will be really special or not. The same unwritten rule stands for every other holiday throughout the whole year, you must make those days perfect. So, for this particular day, which celebrates the love between people around the globe, we have prepared a fantastic article. Here…

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14 Incredibly Tasty Naan Pizza Recipes
Tomato, Mozzarella & Arugula Naan Pizza

The naan is one very famous type of homemade bread nowadays. It has origins from India and the region near that country. So, if it has become so well-known around the whole planet, it has to be very delicious for sure. That’s the reason why people in these parts of the world started to make various…

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14 Unbelievably Delicious Empanadas Which You Mustn’t Miss
Potato and Goat Cheese Empanadas with Avocado Chimichurri

The empanadas are a kind of recipe which has origins from Spain and from almost all of the countries in Latin America. These amazing Spanish hand pies are simply adored by many people around the globe nowadays. So, that’s enough of a reason for us to create an article with the best empanada recipes that…

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12 Addictive Octopus Recipes That Will Leave You Wanting More
Coal-Grilled Octopus with Smoked Butter and Almonds, Chilli and Green Strawberries

There are too many of us in the world who really love seafood. But, here we will talk only about the greatest octopus recipes of all. You must admit that the octopus is something special, very different from all other seafoods. So, we think that’s enough of a reason for us to realize that we…

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12 Trending Sauerkraut Recipes That You Must Try in 2017
The Hippie Bowl

The sauerkraut is a well-known specialty that comes from the Eastern Europe and all the Germanic cuisines. Well, that one specially prepared cabbage, which can be used as an appetizer or like an important ingredient in some main dish recipes. If you all already know how to make sauerkraut, then you are totally prepared to…

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14 Types of Make Ahead Appetizers Ideal for Every Get Together
Smoked Salmon Bites

We all want to gather with our friends or family every now and then. So, if we want to organize even a little get together, we have to prepare some food. That’s why we have found the greatest make ahead appetizers of all. By greatest, we mean the most delicious and the easiest recipes that…

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15 Yummy Winter Recipes to Try Out This Season
Pork Loin with Wine and Herb Gravy

We can all agree that the winter is the most beautiful season in the whole year. There are many things that are making this period so magical and totally different from the others. So, one of the things that we simply can’t live without, are the delicious winter recipes, of course. After we did a…

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19 Entertaining Christmas Food Ideas for The Big Holiday Dinner Gathering
Christmas DIY Reindeer Sloppy Joes Sliders

Christmas is coming and it will be here very soon. Now, when December is just around the corner, it’s finally time to make plans for the biggest night of the year. There are many tasks and plans that should be made and decided. First of all, you must have a clear vision for the this…

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