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14 Heartwarming DIY Valentine’s Day Cards To Wow Your Valentine
Funny DIY Valentine's Day Card

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s finally that period of the year when everything is about sharing love. Giving and receiving gifts from our loved ones, romantic dinner or just a simple movie night… everyone has its own special way to celebrate the 14th of February. However, no matter which way you choose…

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15 Low- Cost and Lovable DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him
Valentine Donut Printables

It’s the beginning of the new year and January is just in the middle. But still, it’s not early to start thinking about the most romantic holiday of all – Valentine’s Day. This day, which is a perfect occasion to celebrate your love, is admired by all generations and all people over the world. Married,…

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12 Wondrous DIY Candy Cane Sleigh Ideas That Will Leave Your Kids Open-Mouthed
Santa's Candy Sleighs

Candy canes are always here during the holiday season. But in the last few years they become even more popular with their new purpose. Candy canes are a part of the loveable candy cane sleigh which is a global Christmas gift trend. Candy canes are a part of every Christmas decor, Christmas table and everything that reminds of Christmas….

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19 Super Fun DIY Christmas Gifts to Surprise Your Loved Ones on A Budget
Have A Christmas to Flip Over Gift Printable

It’s finally that time of the year. Again. It’s Christmas and the tradition of giving and receiving gifts may start. This is definitely a favorite period for everyone, from kids to adults. Who doesn’t love to be surprised and to fill the holiday season with positive vibes?! There are many ways to surprise your friends and family with…

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16 Fun-filled DIY Birthday Gift Wrapping Ideas to Surprise Your Loved Ones
Fun-filled DIY Birthday Gift Wrapping Ideas

A birthday is just the first day of another 365 day journey around the sun. No matter if you celebrate your own birthday or to someone you really care about, these days are really special. But what makes this special occasion truly wonderful are the surprises in all shapes and sizes. Who doesn’t love gifts?! Gifts are adored even…

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10 Eye-Pleasingly Vibrant Perler Bead DIYs

Everyone who loves crafting will admit that they have an addiction for those cute little plastic perler beads! Walking into a store and seeing all those different colors and thinking of the possibilities, about the ways you can use them, the pretty things you can make with them, it is almost impossible not to get…

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10 Confetti DIYs to Make Your Life More Cheerful

What’s really interesting is that the meaning of the word confetti is actually small and sweet in italian, and that is exactly what comes to our mind when we think of them. Everyone has at least one memory in the back of their minds of a happy moment which included confetti. Whether there’s a birthday,…

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