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10 Fashionable DIY Dress Sewing Patterns Perfect for Every Body Shape
Super Cool DIY Man's Shirt Off the Shoulder Dress

Spring and summer are the perfect seasons for wearing dresses and showing some legs. The weather is getting better, the temperatures are rising and we have more and more sunny days. And there is no better excuse than sun to put on some chic dress  that will help us stand out from the crowd. The…

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15 Easy and Free Crochet Patterns to Stay Warm This Winter
Free Crochet Soft Scarf Pattern

Winter is that period of the year when you should definitely be creative. You have a plenty of free time to spend at your home. Temperatures are freezing outside. And what be better than spending some quality time for yourself by making something truly inspirational with your hands. While for some of you, the first idea…

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13 Super Cool DIY Clothes Refashion Ideas You Must Try
Hearty DIY Elbow Patches

Women love fashion! We love to dress well for different occasions in trendy and fashionable clothing pieces. But to be dressed in a way that’s fashionable and according to the latest trends is really hard. And can be pretty expensive too. Trends change as the seasons change. It’s really hard to be fashionable all the…

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10 Free Crochet Patterns to Get in Style This Summer
Crochet Sun Hat Pattern

There’s an unwritten rule that you should only crochet in the winter and make winter clothes and accessories, but every person who crochets knows that if you really love doing that, you will break this rule and find a way to implement crocheted things in your summer style too. So now that we have agreed…

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10 DIYs That Will Make You a Summer Fashion Queen
Diy Stenciled Sneakers

There isn’t a girl in this world that doesn’t like fashion and that doesn’t want to have her own unique style. Fashion is simply a really important part of life for girls and they all try to make the best of it. The summer season is perfect for expressing yourself through your clothes and accessories…

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10 4th of July Game-changing DIY Decorations

The first thing to do if you want to have the best 4th of July celebration so far, is to start with the decorations first. You need to start early enough so that you can make all of it look magical. There are a lot of options that you can choose from, but not all…

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10 DIY Ways to Follow the Latest Decor Trends by Using Copper

Copper has been used by people from ancient times and it still is used today, because it has shown itself as a very durable material. In the last few years people have started using it in much more interesting ways than it has been used before, by using it as their home decor. Whether it…

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10 Feathery DIYs That Will Tickle Your Fancy

Feathers are a real treasure given to us by nature and we can not be more grateful. Their gracefulness, simplicity and lightness relaxes our minds just by looking at them. No wonder so many people are feather collectors, with so many different kinds and colors, how can they not be. So whether you’re collecting feathers,…

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10 Tassel DIYs that Are a Must Make

A tassel is a kind of ornament that has been around for many years, since ancient times. And it has managed to go through all of those years without loosing its glam. Today, people love it and use it in almost every opportunity they get, from clothes and jewelry to home decor and more. The…

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