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18 Eggstra-Special Easter Crafts That Will Make Your Celebration Everlasting
Easy Easter Candy Jars

When Spring is around the corner, we are all starting to make plans how to organize Easter. This is a very important holiday and that’s why we want to prepare you in time for all your plans for the celebration. Easter is an interesting, family holiday and besides the main dishes and desserts, the crafts…

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16 Essential Free Thanksgiving Printables for a Perfectly Organized Family Dinner

Thanksgiving is coming and we promised to ourselves last year that this time we will be fully prepared and organized, without all the chaos and last minute stress, cooking, preparing and throwing just a couple of old decorations around the house. What can make our Thanksgiving celebration stress-free if not one of our best friends…

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10 Winning Thanksgiving Party Decorations You’ll Definitely Be Thankful for
White Pumpkins

We all know what happens right after all the fuss about Halloween is over. There is no time to rest because, of course, Thanksgiving is coming and we have to make sure that this year’s celebration will be even better than the one before! And the Thanksgiving decorations are an inevitable part of it all…

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17 Blood-Curdling DIY Halloween Decorations To Add A Decor Your Neighborhood Will Remember
Slightly Spooky-Looking Halloween Mantel Decor

It’s never too early to start decorating for Halloween. This most expecting holiday for all generations makes us super excited during the summer months and we want to add some decorations to our homes even in August and July. And that’s completely ok. Why not?! There is a true magic in those nights when pumpkins glow…

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9 Hyper-Creative DIY Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Your Backyard
DIY Cedar Cube Landscape Lights

There are many different kinds of things that you can do all by yourself. You can find DIY tutorials literally about everything you can think of, you just have to have a desire to create something of your own. These DIY tutorials are very popular around the whole world nowadays. So, this time we have…

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12 Summery DIY Projects To Dive Into the New Season In A Creative Way
Hammered Plant Fabric Print

Ready. Set. Summer. It’s finally June, the month when fun and happiness begin! The month when summer is finally coming in our towns! We’ll finally be able to enjoy in all those sun-kissed days and cool nights, lying on the beach or by the pool with friends, listening to the waves on the seashore, drinking refreshing drinks…

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13 Peaceful DIY Indoor Garden Ideas That Brings The Outdoors In
DIY Indoor Herb Garden Out of Old Stepladder

Spring is finally here and we can’t be happier about all those things this season has to offer. Beautiful weather, nature at its finest, sunny days and bright flowers and sights that please the senses… Spring is unique for so many reasons and it’s very hard to feel those spring butterflies in any other season. But…

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16 Picture Perfect Spring Decorations to Celebrate the Blissful Season
Elegant DIY Floral Terrarium

With the beginning of March and the first beautiful sun rays, we can finally feel the awakening of nature. Spring is just around a corner. The birds chirping, flowers blooming and bees buzzing indicate that spring is here. Within a few weeks the bright flowers and sights will please all our senses. Amazing! As the season changes, it’s…

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15 Irish-Themed DIY St. Patrick’s Day Decorations and Crafts for Kids
Amazing DIY Lucky Penny Letters

The Saint Patrick’s Day, which is actually the Day of the Festival of Patrick is a cultural and religious holiday. The Feast of Saint Patrick is held on 17 March. This is the traditional death date of Saint Patrick, the foremost patron saint of Ireland. Today, the St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated widely among the…

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15 Popular DIY Projects from Pinterest That’ll Make Your Home A Better Place

Improving our homes with DIY projects is the smartest way that anyone should try. The DIY projects are functional and smart solutions for anyone who wants to spend a free time while making interesting and creative stuff. And definitely on a budget. If you’re not a part of the famous DIY world, then you surely have…

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