9 Unwanted Hair Removal DIYs for Smooth and Beautiful Skin
9 Unwanted Hair Removal DIYs for Smooth and Beautiful Skin

Waxing is usually a very painful procedure, but women and a high percent of men remove their facial and body hair on a monthly basis. Everyone wants soft and clear skin without hair and waxing is always the best option. The effects of waxing last the longest (about two to three weeks), while with razor the first hair growth after the shaving can be noticed in the first 24 hours.

To save some money and remove your body and facial hair in a natural way at your home, we’ve covered you with 9 unwanted hair removal DIYs for smooth and beautiful skin. All these recipes include just a few ingredients and are completely easy to make. Let us know which of these remedies did miracles for you.

1. DIY Sugar Wax for Legs

We’re opening our list with a homemade sugar wax which is the most popular home hair removal techninque. And it’s truly amazing! For this method you will need one cup of sugar, 1/4 cup of water and two tbsp. of lemon juice. All the instructions are explained below in the picture. Follow the steps for the hair-free skin!

DIY Sugar Wax for Legs via diybeauty.tips

2. DIY Sugar Wax Hair Removal

Another DIY wax made with sugar, but we can’t avoid this method because it was invented thousands of years ago, and was used by Cleopatra herself. Sugaring wax is not only the safest option, but also is the cheapest, fastest, easiest, and healthiest way to remove hair. This technique includes salt too, so you should definitely give it a try.

DIY Sugar Wax Hair Removal via styletips101.com

3. DIY Wax Hair Removing Sugaring Wax

Here is a natural DIY tutorial for removing hair from your body. This step by step tutorial is extremely easy and cheap at the same time!  It is perfect for people with sensitive skin or that are allergic to chemical removers. For this procedure you’ll need sugar, lemon juice, water, good fitting lid or glass container, medium size pot, popsicle sticks and wax strip.

DIY Wax Hair Removing Sugaring Wax via thegoddess.com

4. Easy Blackheads and Facial Hair DIY with Only 2 Ingredients

Facial hair can be a real problem for some of us, but not anymore. This facial hair DIY is completely natural, easy to make and contains only two ingredients. The good thing is that it removes blackheads too. All you need is to buy gelatin and milk.

Easy Blackheads and Facial Hair DIY with Only 2 Ingredients via lovebeingchic.com

5. Easy Sugar and Lemon DIY Wax

Here is a waxing DIY that saves big bucks and multiple costly trips to the salon for hair removal. This wax only sticks to the hair, not the skin so the follicles are pulled from the root. The hair does not grow back for two weeks or longer. Perfect!

Easy Sugar and Lemon DIY Wax via nzyoungmumlife.wordpress.com

6. Simple and Natural DIY Sugar Waxing Paste

Sugar waxing is a little bit different than normal waxing. It is still painful, but not as much as the regular waxing. For this paste you will need to mix 1/4 cup of fresh lemon juice, 1/4 cup of water and 2 cups of sugar. This process is a little painful, but the best part is that after a few sessions of this the hair will start to grow back thinner and softer until it pretty much doesn’t come back at all.

Simple and Natural DIY Sugar Waxing Paste via fitnessandhealthyworld.com

7. Turmeric Facial Hair Remover

Turmeric is an Indian spice which is used for so many beauty challenges, but it is definitely best in loosening of facial hairs without any pain. Although the result is not immediate, but gradually it aims in the permanent hair reduction therapy. For this recipe you need only four ingredients: cold milk, turmeric powder, flour and salt. Follow the link below the picture for more detailed instructions on how to prepare this homemade remedy.

Turmeric Facial Hair Remover via theindianspot.com

8. Two Ingredients Upper Lip Hair Remover

The best way to remove the upper lip hair is with this homemade wax method. For any recipe you choose, you will need only two ingredients: turmeric and milk, turmeric and water, turmeric and flour, and turmeric and egg white. It’s simple and super easy to get soft skin and avoid redness around your mouth area.

Two Ingredients Upper Lip Hair Remover via livingwellmindness.com

9. Unwanted Facial Hair Remover Masks

The unwanted facial hair can be a real nightmare for many women. While it can be removed with a laser treatment or a chemical treatment, the best option is always hidden in the natural remedies. They work equally well, but you just need to stick to the routine and be patient. In the list below, there are 4 chemical free masks that do miracles and remove facial hair without pain and skin tortures.

Unwanted Facial Hair Remover Masks via theindianspot.com

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