17 Blood-Curdling DIY Halloween Decorations To Add A Decor Your Neighborhood Will Remember
Slightly Spooky-Looking Halloween Mantel Decor

It’s never too early to start decorating for Halloween. This most expecting holiday for all generations makes us super excited during the summer months and we want to add some decorations to our homes even in August and July. And that’s completely ok. Why not?! There is a true magic in those nights when pumpkins glow with candlelight!

When you start making plans for Halloween during the summer, you have enough time to pay attention to all details. You have plenty of time to make boo-tiful decorations for your backyard, porch, entryway, mantel and living room. Simply, you’re able to prepare any place in your home and outside area for the spookiest holiday of all.

To have a spook-takular good time this Halloween, we’ve rounded up 17 blood-curdling DIY Halloween decorations to add a decor your neighborhood will remember!

Look at our collection and find your inspiration for this year’s Halloween! Happy Halloween everyone! BOO!

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17 Blood-Curdling DIY Halloween Decorations To Add A Decor Your Neighborhood Will Remember

1. $1.00 Plastic Pumpkins to Put Over Outdoor Porch and Garage Lights

We’re opening our collection with a plastic pumpkin decoration you can make for only $1.00. This cheap decor idea can be displayed on your outdoor porch or garage lights. All you have to do is to cut down the back of your pumpkin trick-or-treat pail, then cut out the bottom and wrap around your outside light! Fast and easy!

$1.00 Plastic Pumpkins to Put Over Outdoor Porch and Garage Lights via styletic.com

2. Balloon Spider Web DIY Halloween Decoration Tutorial

Here is a balloon spider web that is a perfect Halloween room decor. Super cute, quick, and affordable to make, this decoration will add a spooky twist to your room or would be perfect for a Halloween party. Just follow the steps from this tutorial and enjoy in your wonderful handmade Halloween home decor!

Balloon Spider Web DIY Halloween Decoration Tutorial via youtube.com

3. Bone-Chilling DIY Halloween Staircase Decoration

Get your guests’ scare on with this bone-chilling DIY Halloween staircase decoration! This is not an easy Halloween project, but with a little time, effort and patience you’ll have a boo-tiful Halloween with your loved ones. This decor is so amazing, so if you’re a big Halloween fan, you will want to keep it all year long!

Bone-Chilling DIY Halloween Staircase Decoration via ihorror.com

4. Cool Outdoor Halloween Skeleton Decoration

If you have an old wheelbarrow in your basement, then use it to decorate for this year’s Halloween. Additionally, buy some fake skeleton bones, make a few DIY birds like crows or vultures and start making this incredibly good outdoor decoration!

Cool Outdoor Halloween Skeleton Decoration via easyday.snydle.com

5. Devilishly Fun Halloween DIY Mantel Decor

This Halloween spruce up your fireplace with cutout bats, skeletons, webs, scary signs and spray painted branches. Together you’ll have an entire black and white scene straight out of the scary movie. If you don’t own a mantel, you can recreate this decor using a shelf or bookcase in your house! Or use a bench to decorate the hearth styles!

Devilishly Fun Halloween DIY Mantel Decor via womansday.com

6. DIY Harry Potter Style Soaring Candles – Perfect as a Halloween Porch Decor

These super cool candles in a Harry Potter style are perfect for any kind of Halloween decor. You can include them as a porch decor, but also you can decorate your entryway, living room or any kind of room with these candles. It’s important to mention that they are an easy project that will save your budget and time.

DIY Harry Potter Style Soaring Candles - Perfect as a Halloween Porch Decor via livemaster.ru

7. Easy DIY BOO Halloween Sign

What an amazing and easy project! Here is the super cool BOO sign which is made from wooden letters that can be bought at a hobby lobby. You can find the letters already painted black for 8 bucks each, but the unpainted ones are only 1.50 in the wood section, so it’s totally worth to paint them! This Halloween sign will cost you less than $10 and it’s a great addition to your fall decor.

Easy DIY BOO Halloween Sign via huntersofhappiness.com

8. Front Porch Halloween Decorating Idea – Wooden DIY Sign

We’re representing you an interesting front porch Halloween decor idea that can easily be incorporated in your fall home decor too. This spooky sign is made from cedar boards, but it would look amazing with reclaimed or scrap wood as well. All you need for this project is a stencil, some paint and a dollar store chalkboard.

Front Porch Halloween Decorating Idea - Wooden DIY Sign via thegardenglove.com

9. How to Make Cardboard Tombstones Tutorial

Classic tombstone with some fun or spooky names of the “deceased” is a part of any Halloween yard decor. But, make your front yard the talk of the town this Halloween by making these hauntingly realistic 3D cardboard tombstones. For this idea you’ll need cardboard boxes, measuring tape, scissors, packing tape, sand or bricks, 3-inch stencils, newspaper, decoupage glue, spray paint (gray, rustic umber and flat black) and hot glue gun.

How to Make Cardboard Tombstones Tutorial via ehow.com

10. How To Make Wicked Witch Legs Tutorial

These DIY wicked witch legs are totally amazing and everyone can incorporate in their own Halloween decor. For this Halloween decoration you’ll need chicken wire, scrap cardboard, modpodge glue, newspaper, spray paint, old pair of shoes, scrap wood and pair of long black and white socks. Feel free to display the decoration in your backyard, porch, entryway or living room and add your own details if you think is needed!

How To Make Wicked Witch Legs Tutorial via grillo-designs.com

11. Scary DIY Recycled Wood Keep Out Sign

What a fear-inspiring Halloween idea?! If you make this one, you’ll definitely hear some Hallow-scream when guests enter your outdoor! The sign below is made out of recycled wood and will surely get your guests scare on when they notice it! It’s a must try for this year!

Scary DIY Recycled Wood Keep Out Sign via attagirlsays.com

12. Simple Bloody Footsteps Entryway Decor

Here is one very remarkable Halloween decor suggestion that’ll fool your guests for sure. First, when they see the image, they’ll think that what they see is what’s really happening in the house. Also, the bloody footsteps are brutal and totally match the Halloween spirit. For a complete Halloween decor style, replace the flowers with some boo-tiful Halloween items of your own choice!

Simple Bloody Footsteps Entryway Decor via easyday.snydle.com

13. Slightly Spooky-Looking Halloween Mantel Decor

This gnarly looking wreath made of thick branches would make a nice and slightly spooky-looking Halloween decoration. It’ll perfectly accomplish your mantel decor, but it’s a good choice for your door or window decor too. Overall, this is an awesome mantle that’s simple and anyone can do it without a lot of effort.

Slightly Spooky-Looking Halloween Mantel Decor via pinterest.com

14. Spirit Jugs – Fun and Cheap Halloween Decorations

If you have kids who love to drink milk, then you’ll have no problem to collect some gallon milk jugs for this amazing DIY project. The other supplies you’ll need are string of clear low-wattage Christmas lights, black permanent marker
and craft knife.

Spirit Jugs - Fun and Cheap Halloween Decorations via eighteen25.com

15. Spooky DIY Halloween Entryway Decor Idea

Wow! This is just the perfect option to decorate your entryway this fall! It’ll not be easy to make this suggestion, but it’s definitely worth the effort. For more fall DIY wreath ideas, check out this link and get inspired. These wreaths are so fabulous and will make your home beautiful for the upcoming holiday season.

Spooky DIY Halloween Entryway Decor Idea via kitchenfunwithmy3sons.com

16. Super Cool Halloween DIY Table Runner

The next on our list is this simple, but fantastic table runner where you can place all your treats for the upcoming Halloween. For this idea you’ll have to decorate some simple white cloth with black eyes and mouth to look just like a ghost and that’s it! Your table is ready!

Super Cool Halloween DIY Table Runner via dailydoityouself.com

17. Tangled Spider Web Halloween DIY Decoration

To make your own Halloween spider web you’ll need a 200ft of clothes line and some ceiling hooks, which you may already have for your hanging baskets. This Halloween DIY porch decor requires a lot of time and patience, but at the end you’ll have a lot of neighbors and friends that keep stopping by to ask about your new pet… the spider.

Tangled Spider Web Halloween DIY Decoration via myuntangledlife.com

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