15 Spring-Inspired Cake Decorating Tips and Tutorials

It’s finally spring! The season that changes everything. Everything is wonderful in spring… Full of energy, fragrant, cheerful and newborn. It is that beautiful time of the year where nature seems to come to life. The birds chirping, flowers blooming and bees buzzing indicate that spring is here. After all that cold and snow, we can shake off the embrace of the winter months!

Since we feel different in the most wonderful season of all (according to Flair Flickers team), we should make some changes in our homes, closets and cooking habits. We can add some spring decor with flowers to our homes, we can buy some cool spring clothes… However, what about the cooking?! Yes, we can eat more salads and fruit infused meals, make some spring detox. But, we should satisfy our sweet tooth too. And there is no better way than baking a beautifully decorated cake inspired by the spring!

There are many ways you can decorate your cake this spring, but all that to look professional, you’ll probably need some cake decorating tips and how tos’. To make an utterly divine cake and surprise your friends and family, we’ve covered you with a collection of 15 spring-inspired cake decorating tips and tutorials.

All these cake suggestions are wonderful and luckily, they come with tutorials and tips. Check out the collection and find the best cake for your wedding, birthday, Easter or just the right cake to treat yourself! Happy spring!

1. Beautiful Cornelli Lace Cake Design

Beautiful Cornelli Lace Cake Design via wilton.com

2. Buttercream Dahlia Flower Tutorial

Buttercream Dahlia Flower Tutorial via wilton.com

3. Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Buttercream

Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Buttercream via bakingamoment.com

4. Colorful Funfetti Cake Tutorial

Colorful Funfetti Cake Tutorial via preppykitchen.com

5. Decorating Tip Guide to Piping Buttercream Succulent Flowers

Decorating Tip Guide to Piping Buttercream Succulent Flowers via wilton.com

6. DIY Rainbow Petal Cake

DIY Rainbow Petal Cake via thecakeblog.com

7. Easter Bunny Cake How To

Easter Bunny Cake How To via wilton.com

8. Giant Donut Cake Tutorial

Giant Donut Cake Tutorial via thecakeblog.com

9. Guilded Watercolor Cake How To

Guilded Watercolor Cake How To via brit.co

10. How to Make a Unicorn Cake – An Enchantingly Easy Tutorial

How to Make a Unicorn Cake - An Enchantingly Easy Tutorial via craftsy.com

11. Hypnotic Tie-Dye Cake

Hypnotic Tie-Dye Cake via popsugar.com

12. Modeling Chocolate Seashells Cake Tutorials

Modeling Chocolate Seashells Cake Tutorials via wickedgoodies.net

13. Pixelated Checkerboard Cake

Pixelated Checkerboard Cake via wilton.com

14. Rainbow Open Star Tip Cake

Rainbow Open Star Tip Cake via iambaker.net

15. Whimsical Unicorn Cake Tutorial

Whimsical Unicorn Cake Tutorial via wilton.com

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