15 Prime Grilled Chicken Recipes That Will Excite Your Palate
15 Prime Grilled Chicken Recipes That Will Excite Your Palate

Whenever the weather is good for us to stay and have a feast outdoors, we are always thinking of grilling something on our barbecue. Simply, that’s the greatest way to have a beautiful gathering with your family or friends. It’s a fact that there is nothing better than grilling meat and in your backyard with your people. These are the reasons that made us to create an ultimate list that will contain only the best grilled chicken recipes this time. This article right here will be all about the most delicious grilled chicken ideas that exist.

After a little while, we have finally gathered these 15 grilled chicken recipes that will surely amaze you and everyone around you.

Whatever recipe you will choose for your next barbecue, you cannot make a mistake. So, knowing that they are all very carefully selected by us, it will be a difficult decision for you the first time. After that you will continue with the countdown of this list, guaranteed.

Just take a quick look at our newest food article and we are sure that you will be tempted by it in a second. Have a nice day!

1. Bacon BBQ Chicken Bombs

A recipe that will surprise everybody, that’s for sure. Get your friends and prepare for a real feast, because these little chicken bombs, which are made with cheese, bacon, bbq sauce and jalapenos, are something very special.

Bacon BBQ Chicken Bombs via cakescottage.com

2. Hawaiian Huli Huli Chicken

This recipe was one a Hawaiaan-only food, but, the secret is out and we all can prepare it in our own backyards. So, besides the chicken thighs or breasts, this grilled chicken has brown sugar, ketchup, soy sauce, fresh ginger, sherry, garlic, black pepper and green onion slices. Sounds super-tasty, isn’t it?

Hawaiian Huli Huli Chicken via chewoutloud.com

3. Grilled Honey Sriracha Chicken Thighs

Truly juicy, smoky chicken thighs, and all slathered in an easy honey-sriracha glaze that will make you swoon! We can assure you that these grilled chicken thighs will be a hit, Bon Appetit friends! Happy Grilling!

Grilled Honey Sriracha Chicken Thighs via joyfulhealthyeats.com

4. Grilled Chicken Stuffed with Cheese and Peppers

This is one of the most tempting grilled chicken recipes right here, folks! The fact that these chicken breasts are stuffed with sweet peppers, pepper jack cheese and colby jack cheese, makes them totally irresistible.

Grilled Chicken Stuffed with Cheese and Peppers via creolecontessa.com

5. Cumin Rubbed Grilled Chicken with Chimichurri Sauce

This cumin rubbed grilled chicken with chimichurri sauce is the definition of fantastic food, we are completely sure about that! Full of various vibrant flavors, it’s hearty, it’s healthy, it’s colorful, it’s fresh. Is there anything else that can anyone ask for? You can see the whole chimichurri sauce recipe in the link below the picture.

Cumin Rubbed Grilled Chicken with Chimichurri Sauce via cookingclassy.com

6. Grilled Jamaican Jerk Chicken

One really different, wonderful way for grilling chicken. The grilled Jamaican jerk chicken, which is made with the island-spiced marinade, is a recipe that nobody can resist.  This famous marinade is made of juice of 4 limes, green onions, habanero chiles, garlic, fresh thyme, ginger and brown sugar. Enjoy!

Grilled Jamaican Jerk Chicken via lecremedelacrumb.com

7. Orange Barbecue Grilled Chicken

Maybe it looks a little strange, but, believe us, this amazing combination of flavors will rock everybody’s world! For the orange barbecue grilled chicken breasts you will need juice from can pineapples, barbecue sauce, orange zest, fresh ginger, reserved pineapple juice and dark brown sugar. Have a good one!

Orange Barbecue Grilled Chicken via savingdessert.com

8. The Easiest Greek Grilled Chicken

A real Mediterranean, Greek recipe for grilling chicken… An idea that will conquer your heart immediately. These chicken breast must be prepared for grilling with fresh chopped rosemary, dried oregano, fresh thyme, garlic, cayenne pepper, fresh lemon juice, red wine vinegar and olive oil, of course.

The Easiest Greek Grilled Chicken via littlespicejar.com

9. Teriyaki Grilled Chicken

There is no one that doesn’t know what teriyaki means, we must agree on that. This time, we will show you a perfect recipe for you to grill a chicken with an original teriyaki marinade, which is created from ingredients like soy sauce, sugar, Worcestershire sauce, vegetable oil, vinegar, onion and garlic powder, and water too.

Teriyaki Grilled Chicken via plainchicken.com

10. Grilled Chili Cilantro Lime Chicken

Surely one of the healthiest grilled chicken recipes in this unbelievable list of ours. It’s a superb, sweet, sour and spicy idea for every day you want to. Made with fresh lime juice, olive oil, fresh chopped cilantro, brown sugar, garlic, red chilli flakes and ground cumin, this is a marinade that will make you a celebrity in your family.

Grilled Chili Cilantro Lime Chicken via gimmedelicious.com

11. Sweet and Spicy Italian BBQ Grilled Chicken

With this recipe, we are offering to you another real Mediterranean taste, which is very easy for preparing on your own. Besides the chicken breasts that you will surely need, it contains BBQ Sauce, Italian dressing, chili powder and dried red pepper flakes.

Sweet and Spicy Italian BBQ Grilled Chicken via plainchicken.com

12. Brown Sugar Pineapple Chicken

As we already know, pineapples are always a great companion to the chicken meat. This unordinarly delicous grilled chicken recipe is a true proof of that. The lip-smacking marinade is made of pineapple juice, lemon juice, red wine vinegar, soy sauce, Asian chili sauce, ketchup, mustard, brown sugar, and onion, garlic, and ginger powder too.

Brown Sugar Pineapple Chicken via carlsbadcravings.com

13. Korean Grilled Chicken Breasts

A little “out of the ordinary” recipe for you here, again. Our goal is to offer only the top grilled chicken ideas and this recipe is one of them for sure. Full of soy sauce, unsweetened apple sauce, yellow onions, sesame oil, ginger, brown sugar, garlic, red pepper flakes, sesame seeds and sliced scallions, the Korean grilled chicken breasts recipe is something you must try today!

Korean Grilled Chicken Breasts via skinnytaste.com

14. Grilled Honey Lime Cilantro Chicken

A zesty recipe that contains ingredients like lime juice, honey, soy sauce, olive oil, garlic and cilantro. Simply, a combination of different kinds of flavors that will amaze you. You have to try and prepare this meal for your next dinner!

Grilled Honey Lime Cilantro Chicken via therecipecritic.com

15. Chili Pineapple Grilled Chicken

When the tastes of chili and the pineapple crushes in your mouth, then we can talk about this unforgettable recipe. A perfect ending of our special list for the most beautiful period of the year! Have a nice day and see you next time!

Chili Pineapple Grilled Chicken via plainchicken.com

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