14 Jingling Winter Crafts for Kids to Bring Flurries and Fun At Home
Pom Pom Hot Cocoa Mug Craft

There are just a few days away until the coziest season of all arrives into the country. Winter – the season that brings back the holiday spirit and happy memories. There are thousand of reasons why we love winter so much, but we also have thousand of reasons to stay at home.

Spending time with our loved ones in a festive atmosphere and the cold weather are on the top of the list why we should stay home this winter. Who want’s to be out when the temperatures are freezing?! No one. Except for the snow. But what to do at home?! You need a family activity that will amuse you and your little ones. And there is nothing better than crafting!

Winter crafts are the ultimate hit over the web. They’re one of the highest searched topics on Pinterest. And with a reason. Winter crafts are so cute, fun and festive at the same time. Kids adore them and they can be easily incorporated as a holiday or winter decor in your home or your kid’s playroom.

To create wonderful crafts in the cold of winter, we’ve rounded up 14 jingling winter crafts for kids to bring flurries and fun at home. Enjoy crafting with your loved ones while cuddling with a cup of hot cocoa!

1. Easy Cotton Ball Snowman Craft

Easy Cotton Ball Snowman Craft via alittlepinchofperfect.com

2. Egg Carton Penguins

Egg Carton Penguins via onelittleproject.com

3. Elegant Icy Snowflake Craft

Elegant Icy Snowflake Craft via thechaosandtheclutter.com

4. Foam Cup Snowmen Craft

Foam Cup Snowmen Craft via craftsbyamanda.com

5. Fun and Simple Doily Snowman Craft

Fun and Simple Doily Snowman Craft via easypeasyandfun.com

6. Gorgeous Frosty Pinecone Craft

Gorgeous Frosty Pinecone Craft via kidscraftroom.com

7. Icy Cold Snow Paint Recipe

Icy Cold Snow Paint Recipe via growingajeweledrose.com

8. Paper Plate Suncatcher Christmas Window

Paper Plate Suncatcher Christmas Window via thepinterestedparent.com

9. Paper Roll Snowman Craft

Paper Roll Snowman Craft via easypeasyandfun.com

10. Plastic Lid and Yarn Christmas Tree Craft

Plastic Lid and Yarn Christmas Tree Craft via iheartcraftythings.com

11. Pom Pom Hot Cocoa Mug Craft

Pom Pom Hot Cocoa Mug Craft via craftymorning.com

12. Popsicle Stick Hot Chocolate Mug

Popsicle Stick Hot Chocolate Mug via gluedtomycraftsblog.com

13. Sparkly Icicle Craft

Sparkly Icicle Craft via kidscraftroom.com

14. Winter Snowflake Stamp Art

Winter Snowflake Stamp Art via sugaraunts.com

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