13 Glistening DIY Winter Decorations That’ll Thaw Every Frozen Heart
Cozy DIY Birch Candles

Winter is here. After all the holidays that marked last month – December, it’s time to remove all the Christmas decor and bring some winter spirit in our homes. We need something cozy, warm and elegant. Just like the winter itself. We need beautiful winter decorations!

Seasonal decor is always a great way to decorate the place we live in. Now, with the whole winter upon us, we must find an interesting solution to beautify our homes. And DIY winter decorations are cheap and fun options that anyone should try!

You’re surely asking yourself, what is so interesting about DIY decorations?! Many things! First of all, DIY decorations are completely unique and fabulous. No one else will have a home decor like yours. Second, they’re budget-friendly. And third, but most important is that you’ll have a really great time while making them with your loved ones. In the end, you’ll be proud of the creations you’ve made by yourself.

Sounds too good to be true? To have some fun this winter at home while temperatures are freezing outside, we’ve covered you with 13 glistening DIY winter decorations that’ll thaw every frozen heart. Look  at our collection carefully and find the best winter decorations you can make this season!

1. Beautiful DIY Winter Centerpiece with Natural Accents

Beautiful DIY Winter Centerpiece with Natural Accents via homedit.com

2. Cool DIY Mitten Wreath with Greenery

Cool DIY Mitten Wreath with Greenery via bsneeringer.blogspot.mk

3. Cozy DIY Birch Candles

Cozy DIY Birch Candles via dearlillieblog.blogspot.mk

4. DIY Flameless Fire Pit

DIY Flameless Fire Pit via blog.freepeople.com

5. DIY Winter Village Jars

DIY Winter Village Jars via ellaclaireinspired.com

6. Elegant DIY Christmas Village

Elegant DIY Christmas Village via thenester.com

7. Free Christmas and Winter Printables for Your Home

Free Christmas and Winter Printables for Your Home via designertrapped.com

8. Fun and Easy DIY Winter Centerpiece

Fun and Easy DIY Winter Centerpiece via mellaah.nl

9. Lighted Pinecone Branch Centerpiece

Lighted Pinecone Branch Centerpiece via trendytree.com

10. Old Sweather Covers for Vases and Candleholders

Old Sweather Covers for Vases and Candleholders via hgtv.com

11. Pinecone Centerpiece Wrapped with White Christmas Lights

Pinecone Centerpiece Wrappped with White Christmas Lights via smartschoolhouse.com

12. Plastic Snowflakes Window Decor

Plastic Snowflakes Window Decor via theyellowcapecod.com

13. Rustic Snowflake Winter Wall Decor

Rustic Snowflake Winter Wall Decor via etsy.com

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