12 Wondrous DIY Candy Cane Sleigh Ideas That Will Leave Your Kids Open-Mouthed
Santa's Candy Sleighs

Candy canes are always here during the holiday season. But in the last few years they become even more popular with their new purpose. Candy canes are a part of the loveable candy cane sleigh which is a global Christmas gift trend.

Candy canes are a part of every Christmas decor, Christmas table and everything that reminds of Christmas. These cute, red and white sticks bring a holiday joy in every home. You can never have too much candy canes when it comes to Christmas. That’s why you should surprise your loved ones with a candy cane sleigh.

The candy cane sleigh is an irresistible and cute gift idea which can be also used as a Christmas decoration. Kids love them not just because they have a unique look, but they’re also filled with different kinds of chocolates and sweets too.

To leave your kids open-mouthed and happy this Christmas Eve, we’ve gathered 12 wondrous DIY candy cane sleigh ideas that anyone can make. Easy, sweet and magical, these candy cane sleighs will bring happiness and joy under your Christmas tree. Happy holidays and may the joy and peace of Christmas be with you now and throughout the year.

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12 Wondrous DIY Candy Cane Sleigh Ideas That Will Leave Your Kiddos Open-Mouthed

Now, we can start with the DIY Christmas candy cane sleigh ideas:

1. Candy Cane and Chocolate Sleighs

Candy Cane- and Chocolate Sleighs via aspoonfulofsugardesigns.com

2. Candy Santa Hat Sleighs

Candy Santa Hat Sleighs via lifewithmylittles.com

3. Chocolate Candy Santa Sleighs Tutorial

Chocolate Candy Santa Sleighs Tutorial via jakheath.com

4. Cute DIY Candy Cane Sleighs with Reese’s and Kit Kat

Cute DIY Candy Cane Sleighs with Reese's and Kit Kat via frenchhenfarm.blogspot.mk

5. DIY Candy Cane Sleigh with A Gift Card Holder

DIY Candy Cane Sleigh with A Gift Card Holder via dearcrissy.com

6. DIY Candy Santa Sleighs

DIY Candy Santa Sleighs via pinterest.com

7. Free Printable Candy Sleighs with Gift Tags

Free Printable Candy Sleighs with Gift Tags via tipsfromatypicalmomblog.com

8. Frozen Candy Cane Sleigh Gift Idea

Frozen Candy Cane Sleigh Gift Idea via craftymorning.com

9. Santa Candy Sleigh Tutorial

Santa Candy Sleigh Tutorial via shesaved.com

10. Santa’s Candy Sleighs

Santa's Candy Sleighs via bettycrocker.com

11. Simple DIY Candy Cane Sleigh

Simple DIY Candy Cane Sleigh via makeityourselfgirl.com

12. Sparkling Candy Cane Christmas Sleighs

Sparkling Candy Cane Christmas Sleighs via ellynsplace.blogspot.mk

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