12 Summery DIY Projects To Dive Into the New Season In A Creative Way
Hammered Plant Fabric Print

Ready. Set. Summer. It’s finally June, the month when fun and happiness begin! The month when summer is finally coming in our towns! We’ll finally be able to enjoy in all those sun-kissed days and cool nights, lying on the beach or by the pool with friends, listening to the waves on the seashore, drinking refreshing drinks and eating tasty fruits and popsicles! In summer, the possibilities are endless!

However, when you’ll not be able to grab your day by the beach or by the pool, you’ll probably be forced to spend your time at home. The temperatures will be high and all you need is an air conditioned home. To fill your home with summer vibes you need some fun summer decorations. And there is no better option than making them by yourself!

What’s not to love about those inspiring DIY projects that will bring the positive atmosphere in your home?! Turn on some good music, pour yourself a glass of detox water with fruits and start creating something truly interesting! Here is a collection of 12 summery DIY projects to dive into the new season in a creative way!

All of these ideas below are beautiful, fun and easy to make. Check out our list and find the best DIY project that suit your needs and skills. The complete instructions for every project are below the picture. Let’s get crafty and creative! Summer is just around the corner!

1. Boho Chic Wall Hoops

Boho Chic Wall Hoops via thewonderforest.com

2. Canvas String Art Graffiti

Canvas String Art Graffiti via jugglingactmama.com

3. Creative DIY Hanging Planter

Creative DIY Hanging Planter via greatdiys.com

4. Cute DIY Colorful Tumbler

Cute DIY Colorful Tumbler via lifeannstyle.com

5. DIY Floral Decorative Letters

DIY Floral Decorative Letters via craftandcreativity.com

6. DIY Painted Watercolor Pillow

DIY Painted Watercolor Pillow via tidbits-cami.com

7. DIY Seashell Succulent Planter

DIY Seashell Succulent Planter via us.billabong.com

8. Fun and Inspiring DIY Paper Umbrella Wreath

Fun and Inspiring DIY Paper Umbrella Wreath via cfabbridesigns.com

9. Hammered Plant Fabric Print

Hammered Plant Fabric Print via translate.google.com

10. Summer Painted Planters – Creative DIY Project

Summer Painted Planters - Creative DIY Project via thecraftedsparrow.com

11. Super Adorable Watermelon Mason Jar Drinking Glasses

Super Adorable Watermelon Mason Jar Drinking Glasses via karaspartyideas.com

12. Vibrant DIY Fruit Coasters

Vibrant DIY Fruit Coasters via designisyay.com

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