11 Effective Dry Skin Tips, Tricks and Remedies

Beautiful skin is a desire for many people. While acne, wrinkles, rosacea and some other skin conditions are considered as the biggest enemies of clean skin, there are many people in the world that fights against dry skin, which cannot be covered with any kind of concealer or foundation. And it is real hard to get rid of this skin problem.

Dry skin can be really uncomfortable, especially if it’s marked with scaling, itching, and cracking. Skin dryness can occur on anywhere on the body, but it is most common on the arms, legs, and abdominal area. There are many factors that can cause dry skin, but definitely the cold and windy weather can dry even the oiliest skin types. To heal and soothe your dry skin and prevent its return, here is the roundup with 11 effective dry skin tips, tricks and remedies:

1. Facts and Remedies for Dry Skin

We’re opening our list with some facts and remedies you should definitely know to banish dry skin. Here are included, some facts, symptoms and causes of dry skin. Additionally, six natural dry skin remedies are explored. Read carefully and start implementing!

Facts and Remedies for Dry Skin via visualistan.com

2. Essential Oil Therapy for Dry Skin

When you are faced with a problem like dry skin, the first thing you should do is to try some natural essential oils. They can really do miracles for your itchy skin. So, at the beginning try to combine some of these essential oils with a carrier oil. It is a quick absorbing skin solution.

Essential Oil Therapy for Dry Skin via wisewifesoaps.com

3. Avocado DIY Dry Skin Mask

The next thing on the list you must try are homemade masks made with healthy ingredients. This type of products are much better than the regular face creams and lotions, because they are completely natural and without any kind of chemicals. For this mask in particular, you will need an avocado and a fork. Smash the half a fruit in some plate and simply apply it on your face in a thick layer. Leave it for 20 to 30 minutes and then take it off. You’ll feel a difference on the first use and your skin will become nourished. For a better effect, you can add drops of other beneficial ingredients like honey, olive oil, bananas, etc. Just make sure to not use lavender oil, rosemary oil and strawberries, because they can just irritate your skin.

Avocado DIY Dry Skin Mask via beautytricksdiy.com

4. DIY Hand Scrub for Soft Hands

Another homemade mask, but this one is a solution if you have a dry skin on your hands. This mask moisturizes and helps to repair dry, cracked skin. It works nicely, smells great and leaves your hands feeling super soft! All you have to do is to mix 2 tbsp. coconut oil, 1 1/2 tbsp. raw honey, 3 tsp. lemon juice and 3 tsp. sea salt. The whole procedure is explained in the image below.

DIY Hand Scrub for Soft Hands via tipsforher.com

5. Homemade Dead Skin Remover for Your Foot

We know how irritating a dead foot skin can be, so here is a solution for your problem. Just follow the instructions on the picture and feel the difference!

Homemade Dead Skin Remover for Your Foot via pinterest.com

6. Soothing DIY Dry Skin Remedy

Avocado is the best remedy for dry skin as a result of the abundant amounts of vitamins and nutrients, including beta-carotene, lutein, vitamin B6, C, E and K, potassium, zinc, selenium and folate. By applying this fruit on your skin, you are nurturing your skin in a natural way. This mask which is a mix of avocado and honey, softens and hydrates dry skin.

Soothing DIY Dry Skin Remedy via picklee.com

7. Olive Oil Remedy for Dry Skin

As we have already mentioned, home remedies are cheap and quite effective option to nourish and hydrate dry skin back to a healthy state. This amazing mask made with olive oil contains many antioxidants and healthy fatty acids that soothe and condition dry skin all over your body.

Olive Oil Remedy for Dry Skin via top10homeremedies.com

8. Best Remedy to Beat Dry Skin

Here is another secret weapon to battle dry skin. Now that cold days are upon (we know how winter season is the most notorious for dry skin), we have to do everything to prevent skin dryness. All you need for this beauty ritual is  Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel and Johnson’s Baby Creamy Oil. First, take a shower with warm water. Then, just before you dry off, use a nickel size portion of Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel and massage it gently into the skin. Next, dry off your skin with a towel and immediately apply Johnson’s Baby Creamy Oil all over your skin. That’s it. Your skin will be soft and smooth.

Best Remedy to Beat Dry Skin via tidymom.net

9. Dry Skin Homemade Night Cream

This soothing night cream for dry skin is super lotion to use all year long. Besides the fact that it smells wonderful, it’s miraculously good for dry skin too. It can be used as any regular lotion or you can apply it to your dry feet, knees, hands and elbows for super soft skin. To make this cream, you should add the following ingredients in a large mixing bowl: 1-9oz bottle Johnson and Johnson pink baby lotion, 3oz vitamin E cream, 1/2 cup petroleum jelly and 1/4 teaspoon vitamin E oil. Use a mixer and beat all the ingredient ingredients until you have a whipped texture. Then, scoop the mixture into a clean 10oz container. Your cream is ready to make your skin super soft again!

Dry Skin Homemade Night Cream via isavea2z.com

10. How and Why to Dry Brush

Dry brushing has been around for a long time and it’s a 5-minute natural routine that has amazing wellness benefits and makes your skin glow immediately. It’s perfect for dry skin, because this procedure exfoliates dead skin cells and helps with renewing the skin by providing a fresher appearance and healthier skin. Below are all the benefits of dry brushing and instructions on how to make it.

How and Why to Dry Brush via draxe.com

11. 4 DIY Masks for Radiant and Beautiful Skin

We’re closing our collection with 4 DIY Masks for every skin type. Plus, here is a mask that helps in fading the scars. All home remedies come with ingredients and directions for preparing them. Gorgeous looking skin is not just a myth!

4 DIY Masks for Radiant and Beautiful Skin via tipsforher.com

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