10 Winning Thanksgiving Party Decorations You’ll Definitely Be Thankful for
White Pumpkins

We all know what happens right after all the fuss about Halloween is over. There is no time to rest because, of course, Thanksgiving is coming and we have to make sure that this year’s celebration will be even better than the one before! And the Thanksgiving decorations are an inevitable part of it all over again.

We all have to admit it, even though it is quite funny, that our ancestors used to give thanks for the good harvest, but today we are thankful for all the amazing food that we get to eat on this day and the pretty thanksgiving decorations that truly create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere where we can spend time with our families and have fun.

So, when we say thanksgiving decorations, we think of this beautiful mix of autumn motives such as pumpkins, apples, candles, autumn leaves, and let us not forget the main element – the turkey. All of these together give the thanksgiving dinner table and the rest of the places where you will decorate, a warm vibe.

In order to help you achieve this look, we chose 10 of the best decorations that you can not refuse to make. Prepare your scissors and glue guns, because we are about to lead you through the list that will win over everyone that will see your decor. Let’s go!

1. DIY Turkey Feather Place Cards

From now on if you were throwing away the wine corks, stop! Because if you gather enough corks, you will be able to make these awesome turkey feather place cards. All you need to do is color and cut the paper tail father and add a sign with your guests’ name, easy as pie! That is why this is also a great project that you can do with your kids.

DIY Turkey Feather Place Cards via almostmakesperfect.com

2. Autumn Leaf Mason Jar Candle Holder

We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait for an opportunity to make something with Mason jars. And even better, this craft is a combination of Mason jars, candles and golden autumn leaves, simply magical. A little bit of mod podge, a little bit of twine, and there you have it, the perfect centerpiece for you thanksgiving dinner table.

Autumn Leaf Mason Jar Candle Holder via sparkandchemistry.com

3. DIY Clay Leaf Napkin Rings

We bet you never though you could use clay for making cute napkin rings, but you can. And we hope that you will because this year is for trying out something new and finally putting those leaf shaped cookie cutters to good use. And the last touch, a glittery ribbon. A little glitter in every DIY project won’t hurt nobody, right?

DIY Clay Leaf Napkin Rings via helloglow.co

 4. DIY Pumpkin Lantern

This time we are not carving the pumpkins in order to scare someone, but in order to take our thanksgiving decoration to the next level. You already know how the carving goes, so go ahead and jazz these DIY pumpkin lanterns up.

DIY Pumpkin Lantern via craftynest.com

5. Thanksgiving Apple Votives

This thanksgiving apple votive centerpiece is really quick to put together and you might already have all the supplies you need at home. Give it a try, because how else will you find out whether it will smell like apples when you light up the candles or not?

Thanksgiving Apple Votives via eabdesigns.typepad.com

6. Thanksgiving Pie Garland

What’s everyone’s favorite thanksgiving dessert? Pie! So what kind of a garland should you make? A pie garland, of course. Cut a couple of pumpkin and apple pie ‘slices’ from paper, glue them on a string and your garland is ready for eating, oops, we mean hanging.

Thanksgiving Pie Garland via marthastewart.com

7. DIY Mini Pumpkin Florals

If you love fresh flowers and you think mini pumpkins are adorable, these DIY mini pumpkin florals are the perfect fit for your thanksgiving dinner table. Carve out the middle of the pumpkins and insert a small shot glass with floral foam which will make it easy for you to arrange the flowers perfectly. Voila!

DIY Mini Pumpkin Florals via fishandbull.com

8. White Pumpkins

How to find a way to make pumpkins look more elegant so that you can use them as thanksgiving dinner table centerpieces? Paint them white! Then wrap them up with some bittersweet sprigs, make sure they are secured in place and you will already be able to feel the elegance that will glow from your table on the Thanksgiving dinner.

White Pumpkins via apartmenttherapy.com

9. 7 Thanksgiving Centerpieces You Can’t Kill

Some apples here, some bittersweet sprigs in a glass vase there, and you can already see the splash of autumn colors all over your dinner table. Trust us, that is the main reason why you can’t go wrong with this thanksgiving table setup. Simple and warm is always a good choice.

7 Thanksgiving Centerpieces You Can't Kill via southernliving.com

10. Enchanted Autumn

The moment we read enchanted, we knew that this tablescape will be a winner. We don’t see vintage floral fabric used in thanksgiving decorations, but it actually looks very good. Read the instructions so that you can recreate this table setting with all the candles, white and gold pumpkins, and wood round chargers.

Enchanted Autumn via thewhitebuffalostylingco.com

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