10 Tips, Tricks and DIYs for Gorgeous Looking Summer Skin

Gorgeous looking summer skin is not myth! Women with glowing and beautiful skin are not only seen in TV commercials, but we can see army of them walking on the streets with no makeup on their faces and skin that’s bright and radiant, with a specific healthy glow. Of course, every one of us wants to have a perfect skin, especially during the summer when temperatures are so high and wearing makeup is simply impossible. But, no worries ladies! We’ve covered you with a list of 10 tips, tricks and DIYs that will help you to have a gorgeous looking summer skin all the time. Forever! Take a look at this guide and find the best solutions for yourself.

1. 5-Minute Hair-Removal Tips That Will Guarantee a Bump-Free Beach Bod

The first and the most important step to the gorgeous looking summer skin all over your body is to find the right way to remove the hair from your legs and armpits and avoid skin irritations caused by this procedure. We’ve already been there, unsightly red bumps just after shaving, epilating and waxing look awful. To get bikini ready for summer and get rid of irritating side effects of shaving or waxing, incorporate these easy tricks into your daily bathroom routine! We promise, you’ll finally have the softest legs of your life!

5-Minute Hair Removal Tips That Will Guarantee a Bump-Free Beach Bod

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2. 9 Places You’re Forgetting to Apply Sunscreen

Sunscreen is our best friend not just during the hot and sunny summer days, but during the whole year. We know all the side effects from the long sun exposure, but probably wrinkles, melanoma and acne are the most frightening ones. That’s why you must cover your entire face and body with a high protective sunscreen. In the list below, find out the 9 places on your face you’re forgetting to apply sunscreen and make sure to never repeat this mistake.

9 Places You're Forgetting to Apply Sunscreen

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3. 20 Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Radiant Skin

It’s not a secret that women all over the world got crazy about the coconut oil a few years ago. The benefits from this perfectly smelling oil are just amazing for our health, but for our skin too. Here are 20 of them! Check out the infographic and find a new, cost-effective way to care for your skin!

20 Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Radiant Skin

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4. Get Rid of Acne with This One Week Face Treatments

We hate acne, that’s a fact, but we hate them even more during the summer when we have to go on a beach and we’re not able to cover them and wear a makeup. But luckily, here is a solution for this problem which will help you to treat acne in 7 days. What a relief!

Get Rid of Acne with This One Week Face Treatments

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5. Glowing Skin DIY Face Mask

Even if you have perfectly clean skin you’ll always be in a search for that skin glow we see on Victoria’s Secret models. However you don’t have to spend a little fortune on expensive cosmetics to achieve this healthy glow on your skin, because you can have smooth and gorgeous looking summer skin naturally, by making a homemade face mask with the ingredient from your own kitchen. All you need  for this mask is apple cider vinegar, cucumber, honey, ground cinnamon and baking soda. Apply this treatment once a week for 3 weeks and you’ll do miracles to your skin!

Glowing Skin DIY Face Mask

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6. Homemade Cooling Sunburn Treatment

Sunburns are terrible and in those bad moments all you need on your skin is something cool, icy and soothing. That’s why you should try this homemade cooling sunburn treatment that feels like popsicle for your skin. It has a moisturizing effect too, so you can also use it under eyes to reduce puffiness and dark circles.

Homemade Cooling Sunburn Treatment

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7. Instant DIY Blackheads Removal

The worst enemy of all – blackheads. Unpleasant and hard to get rid off. Happily, there is finally a solution that is a 100% natural and low cost. Try this instant DIY blackheads removal and eliminate most of the blackheads from your nose.

Instant DIY Blackheads Removal

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8. The Perfect Skin Drink Menu

You’re what you eat and drink during the day, the inside reflects on our outside. Our food and drink menu has influence on our entire body and it reflects on our health, our skin and even on our daily mood. To get a gorgeous looking summer skin in only 24 hours follow this drink menu and get glowing skin in a cinch!

The Perfect Skin Drink Menu

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9. Tips to Get Glowing Skin in a Week

If you don’t have a lot of time for getting a glowing skin in a long way, but you still have a week to do it, then these tips will definitely help you to achieve this goal. Yes, you can have beautiful skin within a 7 days. Just follow the steps and instructions from the picture and you’ll be surprised by the results!

Tips to Get Glowing Skin in a Week

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10. 4 DIY Remedies for Every Skin Problem

Whether you have acne, dull, dry or oily skin here are the solutions for all these problems. These homemade face masks that work as remedies for various skin problems and damages will help you to prepare your skin for no-makeup looks. Find the right remedy for yourself, prepare a mask and enjoy in the miraculous results all summer long!

4 DIY Remedies for Every Skin Problem

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